MISSION ETERNITY is a METAPHYSICAL adventure: an arcane network of computers, mortal remains, human emotions, cargo containers, scientists, artists, lawyers and hackers - a technical, as well as an organizational and economic nightmare.

MISSION ETERNITY is hybrid art. There is no classic category for such an operation: the venture is far too hubristic, too complex to explain, involving too many specialist disciplines and too many people to fit into one single box - or a website. This documentation is just the tip of the iceberg.

MISSION ETERNITY is everything, nothing, forever - far away from a joke or a fake... far away from a commercial need or a market. It is art because blowing all frames is what art is here for. It is art for arts sake. It is art to tell the art market that there is more, much more to explore. MISSION ETERNITY wants to convert hackers to become artists and artists to become collectors and collectors to become politicians and politicians to become artists. MISSION ETERNITY wants to question POWER, FASHION, RELIGION, CODE AND THE ARTS.

MISSION ETERNITY is a religion without a god but a massive back end - built on thousands of hours of aesthetical, social and technical research: an infinite chain of commands, orders and dependencies - visions, failures, speculations and drama: the drama of media art, the drama of fine art, the drama of conservation - the drama of human nature: DECAY and all its risks/chances: bancrupcy, divorce, death, reincarnation, the big jackpot ...

MISSION ETERNITY is 100% questionable and means 100% instability... but also 100% committment and 100% passion. 23 etoy.AGENTS work on the operation since more than 2 years.... on nothing and everything.

MISSION ETERNITY is a trip accross the ultimate boundary of human existence: the deadline. nothing new - but essential. forever and ever.

MISSION ETERNITY is as much about loss than it is about conservation of information.

etoy.CORPORATION, the creator of MISSION ETERNITY, does not provide encapsulation services to everybody but offers source code and documentation. Every individual and organization is free to create its own cult based on free M∞ MODULES (terms & conditions are specified in separate documents ).