MISSION ETERNITY is not limited to information and data. The human body is the hardware of life and its earthly remains the physical counterpart to the traces in the global memory. Human ash or the geographical location of a burial place of M∞ PILOTS forms an integral part of MISSION ETERNITY. The last resting place is an emotionally strong starting point for a confrontation or encounter, for mourning and for commemoration. etoy builds and extends the rich history of cemeteries.

The integration of mortal remains is crucial to MISSION ETERNITY: each culture searches for the most adequate solutions to place the physical remains of its members. The information age calls for an update that advances a combination of the physical and the intangible remains.

According to the legal agreement with the PILOT, a M∞ TAG is mounted directly on the tombstone or ash container. The M∞ TAG stores all necessary information to find and technically access the virtual ARCANUM CAPSULE.

Due to the simplicity and logic of the engraved code it will be possible to locate, activate and understand ARCANUM CAPSULES - even hundreds of years after their creation.

The plaque includes a simple 16 digit alpha numerical code and a 2D barcode (Semacode) that can be scanned with an optical device (i.e. camera phone) and automatically links the mobile device or computer to the EVOCATION-PORTAL, a Wap/Web site, on which the visitor can interact with the M∞ PILOT and her/his data.