The sculptures called M∞ BRIDGES link physical and memory spaces as well as life and death. They exploit the traditionally stable and well organized structure of art collections, libraries and museums to display ARCANUM CAPSULES on the long run. Innovative technology and artistic quality guarantee high cultural value and therefore care. The plan is to outsource conservation to protected environments and experts financed by governments, foundations and private collectors. M∞ becomes smart dust in art history in order to survive. The first series of M∞ BRIDGES are dominated by visual output (SARCOPHAGUS and MISSION CTRL) and close to traditional art forms. The second series will be based on antenna principles: broadcasting radio signals (voices of M∞ PILOTS), WLAN, Bluetooth and cell phone content. They will introduce a new generation of public interactive art. Other BRIDGE-series will follow within the next 11 years to keep the M∞ PILOTS alive and to expand the boundaries of art.