The key to this long-term project is TIME. etoy decided to invest decades into MISSION ETERNITY. After the internet hype of the 1990’s it is now time to radically slow down and to investigate the sustainable impact of digital media in full depth. etoy.AGENTS carefully approach the memory issue from an emotional, a technical and an artistic perspective. Only the complex combination of the three view points can lead to relevant results. On the trip etoy will face spiritual, political, ethical, legal, economical, aesthetical and massive technical challenges again.

Independent from pragmatic needs, short term thinking, and commercial pressure the interdisciplinary group of experts who form etoy take all the time and resources they need to cross the deadline.

The digital revolution entered another level: the net completely penetrated human life. etoy, pioneer and survivor of level one – is prepared for level two: memory space explodes while our art form faces massive problems to cope with its history, conservation, loss and mediation.

MISSION ETERNITY constructs a bridge between life and beyond: a trip into the past, presence and far future of human culture. etoy.CORPORATION is art and invests all resources in the production of more art – the final link in the value chain.

Strong social and emotional links between the involved people (family ties, friendship, personal or public interest), digital storage technology, and the artistic quality maximize long term existence of M∞ DATA in the public domain as well as in art collections, libraries and museums.