The word bridge refers to a structure that leads a transportation route over an obstacle. In network technology, a bridge is a device that connects network segments at the physical layer. In electronics, a bridge is an electronic circuit for converting alternating current to direct current. In music, a bridge is an interlude that connects two parts of a song. MISSION ETERNITY BRIDGES are designed to facilitate the crossing of the deadline. What needs to be crossed is the epitome of all obstacles that prevents eternal life, a passage unavoidable, abyssal, virtual, poetic, mysterious and fucking scary: death.

MISSION CTRL panels function as peek previews into the SARCOPHAGUS. While the SARCOPHAGUS travels the seven seas, the MISSION CTRL panels extend the series of BRIDGES to display ARCANUM CAPSULE content in museums and art collections. Their screen is identical to the outfit of the SARCOPHAGUS but resized to fit into armored vehicles, airplanes, office tanks, or mobile and lightweight art collections. 32x32 or 16x16 LED pixels display static or moving images of MISSION ETERNITY PILOTS and document their travels beyond the curtain of memory.