The MISSION ETERNITY SARCOPHAGUS is a mobile sepulcher for users who prefer to be buried at an indeterminate geographical location. The mobile cemetery tank is a 20 foot ISO standard cargo container (6m long, 2.4m wide, 2.6m high, 4 tons wight) and potentially travels planet earth until it falls apart. The system allows for simple re-location of the mortal remains of up to 1000 M∞ PILOTS.

The SARCOPHAGUS is equipped with an immersive LED screen of 17’000 pixels that cover the walls, ceiling and floor on which the visitors can walk. It displays the ARCANUM CAPSULE content and functions as a public installation wherever the TANK travels. Visitors of the SARCOPHAGUS access and interact with ARCANUM CAPSULES via their mobile phones (WAP/XHTML) or a web browser (XHTML).

In addition to the visual material of the PILOTS, M∞ STATUS INFORMATION is displayed: including the amount of ARCANUM CAPSULES floating the info sphere, the number of USERS on M∞DEATHWATCH (M∞LIFEPING) and their status (connected/disconnected), the distribution factor of each CAPSULE, and geographic information about M∞ANGELS and CAPSULES .

The SARCOPHAGUS was constructed between January and June 2006 in Zurich. The official release took place at the ISEA 2006 Festival in San Jose / California. It then traveled the USA (San Francisco, Nevada, New York) and later the rest of the world. The M∞ SARCOPHAGUS is the first art installation of a large series of work (M∞ BRIDGES) that will be released between 2006 and 2016.

The SARCOPHAGUS landing in San Jose, California: only days before its global launch on August 7, 2006